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Engraving Terms & Conditions


GET IT NOW! ENGRAVING ON NOW FOR $19.95! - FOR A LIMITED TIME! now offers custom laser engraving on your new stethoscope! Never wonder if you've picked up the wrong scope again. We know you're busy and may misplace your stethoscope, if it's engraved with your name it will be returned to you.


How you ask? Pick the stethoscope you would like to order, click on the "Engraving" checkbox, enter the name to be engraved, checkout.

How much is it? The standard cost for engraving the stainless steel chest piece is $19.95

Once your stethoscope has been engraved properly without error IT WILL NOT BE RETURNABLE and NO REFUNDS will be issued for this, please make sure what you enter to be engraved is correct as this is permanent and cannot be removed.

We engrave the stethoscopes on site in our office once the order is placed. There will be no delay in getting your new stethoscope!

**If you have select the YES box when entering your engraving request (I confirm the name above is correct. This name will be engraved on the stethoscope or stethoscope tag. is not responsible for misspelled names and will not issue a refund) then confirmation has been met and once the stethoscope is engraved the responsibility of the correct engraving is that of the customers and thus the responsibility will rest upon them.

****If the item has been engraved it is NOT returnable, if the engraving is the same as the characters entered in on our engraving entry line during your purchase.****